original characters

Need to flex my brain a bit and hammer out some chapters, so revisiting the world briefly by fleshing out some of the original characters that are not Liesel.

Ydun Flame-Kissed: Nord woman in her mid-twenties. A wandering warrior who wields a war-hammer. Strong of heart and mind. Her love for her homeland runs deep. She’s often called Ydun Man-Slayer because she can drink anyone and everyone under the table (also because she has man slaying boobs if you catch my drift).

Cedric: Imperial historian/scholar who has a fascination with Nordic history and would have been a lot happier in a different time. Alas, he can do not such thing and will have to deal with all the ~*~fantastic~*~ racism and slurs. (its o k cedric-chan you get to talk to the dragonborn as compensation)

Amir: Redguard, also an arms-dealer/smuggler/whatever makes him money. He’s sly and conniving with a love of wit and gold. He’s better with a sword than he lets on. Complains about the cold incessantly.

Aoiffe: A young Nord who is a bit of a romanticist  She feels the need to prove herself and sets off to young the Companions. A little headstrong, a little self-absorbed, a lot naive. She wants to learn to fight with a two-handed sword. This may or may not have something to do with Vilkas.

I am sitting on the complete version of chapter three like what, six months later? I’m not sure what is heavier, my sense of shame or my sense of accomplishment…

long time no see

& probably will be a long time till we see each other again.

My poor baby has, so to speak, kicked the bucket as far as Skyrim is concerned. He’s getting on in his years and Skyrim is a bit much. I get maybe 4 FPS if I’m lucky, running no mods in Med. So needless to say, I won’t be updating for a while. But that means more time to write Chapter 3 right….right…

/hollow laugh